Caring for ageing loved ones can be stressful. Making the right decisions is often confusing.

ExSitu helps your parents define what matters to them so that they can live life on their own terms.

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Exsitu Cards

ExSitu is a tool that walks participants through a series of simple questions which help to identify their values and desires, documenting the answers and automatically presenting them in a legally recognised format.

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How it works

Step 1

Exsitu step 1

Easily identify and capture your parent’s core values and lifestyle desires using ExSitu’s unique online card sorting process. No need for confusing forms.

Step 2

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Let ExSitu translate your parent’s answers into clear Advance care planning documents that reveal what really matters to them.

Step 3

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Share the documents with chosen family members, care providers and so your loved ones can live life on their own terms.

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Difficult Conversations
Made Easy

Make important decisions on behalf of your loved ones without arguments, uncomfortable conversations or guesswork. ExSitu helps you navigate challenging topics with ease and restore family confidence.

Exsitu Difficult conversations
Exsitu Difficult conversations
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Legally and Clinically Recognised Documents

The Advance care planning documents created by ExSitu are legal, understandable, and clinically recognised. Once generated, these documents will sit alongside your parent’s Will, Power of Attorney, Appointment of Enduring Guardian and Substitute Decision Maker documents. Ensure your loved one’s hierarchy of values are known and respected by the people making important decisions on their behalf.

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Make sure the things your loved ones have always cared about continue to be respected.

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It’s (ExSitu) giving people a voice. If I were to end up in a nursing home and someone looked at this document, that would be me. That is me in a nutshell. I need to show my kids this.

ExSitu will really make a difference to our customers.
It gives us the evidence we need that we are giving our customers what they want.

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Self Service


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  • Discover what matters most to your parents.
  • Explore our intuitive card sorting process.
  • Upgrade plan at any time
  • Create and download legal, clinically recognised documents.
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  • Discover what matters most to your parents.
  • Explore our intuitive card sorting process.
  • Create and download legal, clinically recognised documents.
  • Personal, one-on-one support with an ExSitu facilitator.
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For organisation

Price varies

Person-centred care starts with truly getting to know a person.

We’ve made creating a person-centred care plans to be easy, your customers could do it themselves.

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About Us

We believe life doesn’t end when old age begins. We’re passionate about empowering people to take control of important decisions so they can feel comfortable about the future. After accumulating over 40 years combined experience in the aged care industry, we joined forces with one of Australia’s largest community-owned providers of independent living, aged care and home care to create ExSitu. The result is a dynamic and user-friendly tool created by professionals for real people.

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Awards and Recognition

We are proud to have been recognised for utilising technology to help people live their best life at every stage of life.

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Exsitu book
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Exsitu Award
Exsitu Award
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