ExSitu announces key regional aged care partnership

Feb 10, 2023 | ExSitu News

ExSitu announces key regional aged care partnership in gold writing

Illawarra based care plan start-up ExSitu has received a second round grant in the coveted Aged Care Research and Industry Innovation Australia (ARIIA) for 2023. Working alongside valued local partners within the care and technology space, ExSitu aims to strengthen aged care provisions within regional Australia through their unique technology model.

Partnering with BCR Communities (formerly Bay & Basin Community Resources), the University of Wollongong, and Carers NSW, ExSitu will develop a blueprint for values-based care plans that address the unique challenges faced by ageing people living within regional areas. The aim of the program is to encourage older Australians to adopt care models sooner rather than later through individually tailored care plans. The focus on creating a roadmap to maintaining a level of well-being, mental health, social engagement and physical health now and in the future. From here, a values-based care recipient can chart out their needs against available services, future services and potential impediments to success.

This information can help promote older Australians staying in their own homes for longer through opting for support in earlier stages to avoid common issues such as accessibility, falls or a loss of autonomy through degradation of health and well-being overtime. The benefit is also early disclosure and articulating what is necessary in regional areas earlier may inform service providers, district health and local councils prior to systemic strain. By anticipating care needs, the individual through to the service provider and town planners can become responsive to the needs of ageing populations. This in turn has face reaching consequences for Dementia, Rehabilitation, Reablement, & Restorative Care, Social Isolation, Mental Health & Wellbeing, and Urgent & Critical Need services.

“There is nothing more heartbreaking that catching someone at the mission critical stage of their journey into ageing at hospital level and breaking the news to them that going home is no longer an option. By normalising engagement with values-based care at early stages, we have a real opportunity to create positive outcomes for people, towns and regionals alike. This partnership and the Aged Care Research and Industry Innovation Australia (ARIIA) grant gives ExSitu, BBCR, UOW and Carers NSW the funding we need to take practical action,” explained co-founder April Creed.

“The current generation of people entering aged care service provision know what they want, cherish their independence, and will work with you to create a future that centres on values-based care. They don’t want to lose their individuality or become a source of stress for their adult children. By promoting values-based care, especially in regional areas, we have a greater opportunity to provide people what they need and potentially reduce the exodus from smaller centres in the process,” agreed co-founder Rebecca Glover.

Implementation of the funding will kick off with a focus on the Shoalhaven area and engagement activities via the BCR network.

For further information about the program and/or to learn more about values-based care initiatives run by ExSitu, please contact ExSitu via info@exsitu.com

To review other grant recipients and to find out more about the program, see the Aged Care Research and Industry Innovation Australia website.

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