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Person centred care starts with truly getting to know a person.

ExSitu’s online app was built with busy staff in mind. We’ll help you create care plans that get to the bottom of what really matters to the people you care for. Think of it like person centered care on steroids.

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Learn how it works

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Step 1

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We train your staff, so they can use the ExSitu platform to co-design care. This ensures they understand people as individuals and can provide true person centred care.

Step 2

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Your staff become facilitators and guide your customers through our process to gain an understanding of their core values.

Step 3

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The information collected is integrated with your current systems and processes to ensure the care you deliver is in line with your customers goals, needs and wishes.

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We combine experience with passion to help make quality care easier

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You can start the process online right now.

It’s (ExSitu) giving people a voice. If were to end up in a nursing home and someone looked at this document, that would be me. That is me in a nutshell. I need to show my kids this.

ExSitu will really make a difference to our customers.
It gives us the evidence we need that we are giving our customers what they want.

We have found the program to be very easy to use from a Clients perspective and also a Case managers perspective, The Exsitu program easily guides users through the experience which draws out what is most important to the client in regards to their core values and beliefs while prompting them to think about how they would like to be cared for in the event that they could no longer speak or advocate for themselves.

In my experience, our clients have found this to be an easy way to complete a very important document with the support from their Case Managers to capture their thoughts and feelings.

-Tracey Douglas, Home Care Package & Services Manager NovaCare

We saw with ExSitu the potential to enable our clients to remain in control of what was happening to them right up to their death. Our clients commented upon the intuitive nature of the system, its ease of use and for many, it provided the tangible basis for initiating conversations with their families and friends that they thought previously they couldn’t have. On this evidence are looking to make ExSitu available to any of our clients who want to ensure they remain in control of their life until death.

-David Panter, Chief Executive ECH

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Difficult conversations made easy

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About us

We believe life doesn’t end when old age begins. We’re passionate about empowering people to take control of important decisions so they can feel comfortable about the future. After accumulating over 40 years combined experience in the aged care industry, we joined forces with one of Australia’s largest community-owned providers of independent living, aged care and home care to create ExSitu. The result is a dynamic and user-friendly tool created by professionals for real people.

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Exsitu About us
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