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Make person-led care rewarding and simple with ExSitu

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One of the most amazing shifts in Australian aged care is upon us. For the very first time, care providers like yours are adopting person-centred, values-based care as a nationally uniform framework.

Here is your opportunity to revitalise and reimagine person-centred care once and for all.

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Helping a sector transform

At ExSitu, we know that care providers are already working miracles. Your time, budget and staff resources are already in full motion. Aged care reform and compliance can feel like yet another task on an already overloaded to do list. From dedicated Nurse to Nursing manager, Executives to The Board, everyone is working hard to provide tailored, effective and affordable care.

That’s where ExSitu can help.

We understand the many spinning plates and competing priorities of a busy Aged Care environment. We’ve developed a way to capture a person’s desires for the later stages of life together in a way that translates to better co designed care.
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Exsitu Difficult conversations

ExSitu gives the individual complete control over their choices through carefully selected questions and prompts. The information obtained helps translate into a written and visual interpretation of what each person values. This Hierarchy of ValuesTM together with our Advance Care Plan helps give voice to the individuals in your care.

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Hierarchy of ValuesTM also gives you a fantastic framework for care going forward by:

Saving your money

on reforms and compliance

Exsitu has done the hard work so you don’t have to. Take advantage of our easy-to-use care plans to capture everything you need to provide tailored and empowering care in life’s later stages

Supporting proactive and

person-centred decision making

Take the guesswork out of knowing where acceptable risks, personal dignity and centre obligations overlap. Use Exsitu as a way of understanding the nuanced and the granular moments effortlessly

Articulating the goals

that matter

From staying fit to staying top of the cryptic crossword, Exsitu can help your clients define purpose and meaning in their day-to-day lives. And this meaning can help your staff provide the best care possible

Providing a functional blueprint

for tougher conversations

Exsitu can reduce the harm and stress on staff and family alike when medical interventions, unchartered territory and/or temporary or permanent disability feature.

We offer two distinct services to care providers      

ExSitu is designed to capture and articulate what an individual value the most. Our person-centred approach to articulating a person’s most granular choices is reflected in the creation of a hierarchy of values. The hierarchy of values helps:

  • Strengthen the depth and breadth of day-to-day plans such as mobility, sleep and fitness
  • Provide tangible proof of your delivery of co-designed, person-centred care
  • Carers meet your client’s less tangible care needs
  • Advocate on a person’s behalf when they lose the ability to speak for themselves
  • Aids carers, family and friends make sound, guilt-free choices for their loved one. Even when there are no specific directives available.

From the softer values and details that make life such an individual experience through to complex treatment options, the hierarchy of values helps define what a life well lived means.

ExSitu takes the difficulty out of navigating personal choice and values-based decision-making. Through our easy-to-follow online card sorting process, we empower your clients to capture important personal detail and create a roadmap of their wishes. Our process places the individual at the centre of topics that make a robust Advance plan. This includes:

  • What makes up appropriate medical intervention
  • Where quality of life intersects with life’s preservation
  • What a good death looks like to the individual
  • How they would like their end-of-life experience to be
  • Who should be a part of the decision-making process.

ExSitu collects information and translates it into Advance care plans. ExSitu Advance care plans can help both professional body and family alike.

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Learn how it works

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Step 1

Exsitu step 1

Your customers use the app to easily reflect on and communicate values (with or without staff help)

Step 2

Exsitu step 2

Download values-based care planning documents (including an advance care plan)

Step 3

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Use the insights to understand your customer’s needs, goals and preferences – and offer services that are relevant to what your customer wants.

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We combine experience with passion to help make quality care easier

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We have found the program to be very easy to use from a Clients perspective and also a Case managers perspective, The Exsitu program easily guides users through the experience which draws out what is most important to the client in regards to their core values and beliefs while prompting them to think about how they would like to be cared for in the event that they could no longer speak or advocate for themselves.

In my experience, our clients have found this to be an easy way to complete a very important document with the support from their Case Managers to capture their thoughts and feelings.

Tracey Douglas, Home Care Package & Services Manager NovaCare

We saw with ExSitu the potential to enable our clients to remain in control of what was happening to them right up to their death. Our clients commented upon the intuitive nature of the system, its ease of use and for many, it provided the tangible basis for initiating conversations with their families and friends that they thought previously they couldn’t have. On this evidence are looking to make ExSitu available to any of our clients who want to ensure they remain in control of their life until death.

David Panter, Chief Executive ECH

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Difficult conversations made easy


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About us

We believe life doesn’t end when old age begins. We’re passionate about empowering people to take control of important decisions so they can feel comfortable about the future. After accumulating over 40 years combined experience in the aged care industry, we joined forces with one of Australia’s largest community-owned providers of independent living, aged care and home care to create ExSitu. The result is a dynamic and user-friendly tool created by professionals for real people.

Exsitu About us
Exsitu About us
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Awards and Recognition

We are proud to have been recognised for utilising technology to help people live their best life at every stage of life.

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Exsitu Award
Exsitu Award
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