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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I do with my documents?

Share your documents with those invested in your care. This includes your family and your doctor.
Upload your document to myGov.com.au. We at ExSitu firmly believe that the best thing you can do with these documents is to discuss them with your family and have your doctor sign them.

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What does ExSitu mean?

Both the founders of ExSitu have extensive experience in working with older people and they happen to share a passion for environmental conservation. The name ExSitu stems from this, and literally means “off-site conservation”. It is the process of protecting the important elements of an ecosystem that could become vulnerable.

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Can I change my documents?

You can login to ExSitu to review and change your documents. We recommend you review your documents at least every three years. Remember to share your updated documents with those that care about you, your GP and upload the update to myGov.com.au

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How can my Hierarchy of Values be used ?

Your Hierarchy of Values reflects the things you really value. The document can enable and support discussion between your family, providers of care and provide insight and validation that the decisions they are making are in keeping with your values, even if you can no longer express them.

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I’m a health provider. How do I use these documents?

These documents give you direction as to a persons directives should they become seriously unwell. The Hierarchy of Values gives an incisive snapshot of a persons core values and should instruct further care planning. They are your tool to deliver care in true collaboration with your customer.

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What is a Facilitator?

A Facilitator is a person or organisation trained to assist you in preparing your documents. They will provide reassurance and explanation of the process should you feel you need help.

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